Yes its a rat race… and yes we attended again this year. However have to say it was overwhelming positive response!!! Even w/the economy!!! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us!

Heck even ShaunThompson checked out our shapes
+gave em the thumbs up approval!
Heres a funny quote+photo we found on ESMs website: “Ladys love shapers: Southern NC AdamWarden of AJW Surfboards is a totally classic character who needs no explanation or introduction. In fact, the only way you can capture him in words is to say he charges in the water, makes damn fine boards, and is a fun-loving guy to boot!”photo: MEZ
Thanks ESM for always the kind words!!!
(ps- i have never seen these girls before? came outa nowhere jumped n the photo?) haha must be the T-shirt???
SurferMagazine’s2010 BoardGuide

Check out AJW featured alongside top shapers in the U.S.


-Lucas gets shacked … cool shot / ESM

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