USA 2011

BEEN a busy year so far… Sorry for no Updates, been focusing on shaping and surfing… heres a few Comp Wins weve racked up this past year! Thx for all the great feedback boys!

Cam Wins Arnette CashPot NSB

Cam Richards NSSA Nationals CHAMP+ Quiks King of the Groms CHAMP

JensenCallway Wins 2011Jamaica W.A.PRO

NICKRUPP DNA Energy Pro Jr. NewSmyrna

Mark Dawson OBXShootout Champ + Steele Peir Clasic Champ

NICK Rupp EastCoast Junior Champ 3x/ Elohe Ali Alvarez ReefJuniorPRO

2011 SURFERmag click4videos

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