Benny rippin down n Panama…

June 28th, 2009

“still every few months gets a couple” heres one of our newest small wave models. fast=FUN

Few left over clips courtesy of Z.Morton/Superspectacular.
……. …09wildcard for WCTBrazil event.GOBENNY!
“is that same model :: WCTsite???”uh oh…
photocourtesy: Hangeloosepro09

Check….SuperSpectacular w/top Eastcoasters

June 3rd, 2009

keepa lookout 4UncleBuck+ BennyB…keepn it real on AJWs

Recent internetSpam…
-Check out Surfline’s “YoungGunsTAHITI Training” mini BalaramStack stands tall…on trusty ol AJW

Even though this is pretty minor tahiti… Lil”Balsack”apparently got a few good on’s this past winter n Hawaii. Good on ya bal! stoked to see u steppn it up! keep chargin.

Also Congrats to Balgrom for three”10s”09NSSA Eastern/ JuniorsChamp +AirshowChamp all on sameAJW! CheckDemTrophys! Go Bal!

Other News…
AJW Returned down to Ecuador to shape some boards during ISA Worldgames.
Another great trip, fun surf and good people!

-During the games RADICAL Magazine (S. American surf magazine)
…featured article regarding buildin boards for the local surf community and Ecuadorian surfteam. Thanks once again for all the Great hospitality!!!

Video Galour:

April 20th, 2009

LifeBehind the Mask/Insidethesharkpit AJW bigguy model…GOpro terriblemusic remix

clickhereChrisTripodi Transworldsurf winnin the monthlyphotocontest on AJW. clickhereIts Official MISS USA 2009!!!straight from good’ol Wilmywood NC!!!Unfortunately we aint got nothin that cool goin… so heres Little Buck filmin w/Jerr + the bigboys down in C.R> taken a good floggin for em.

all the while w/a broken hand??? GO BUCk.

RobBrown… nabs covershot LocalsessionMag… Ridin his 7’0 quad…

April 20th, 2009

Pipeshots 09
2nd reefer
For updated info. on Rob check out “A Round w/Rob” Interview series on Superspectacular! photos: RichMcmullin

“The Life of the Travellin Shaper”
click to read in full

-Gotta give thanks 2 TransworldSurf. Including us n 2009 Hardgoods guide, out of possible 169 boards to choose from they used ours as the preview board! check out the full guide…

-Random sic shot of BrandonSanford D.R.

EastcoastTeam (RobBrown/Buckley/LucasRogers/PhilipGould/+AJW)

March 5th, 2009

Put’n more time on the Rock… special thanks to ZooYork/crew for good times!

……………………………………………………………………….photos: RICH MCMULLIN/AJW

Plenty of reallysick photos and video comin when we got time…


February 12th, 2009

click link and read classic Interview on ESPN

Check out AJW listed first with top shapers in
SURFER magazine 2009 Surfboard Issue

check out sample of new Brochures

Recent Team Media!!!
Lucas Rogers newest billabong ad
ESM centerfold/ MundoRad doublepage
check out Coastaledge Surfshop(VB)25ft Lifesize window

…click…ESM kind words

-Check PuertoRico’s CharleyRamirez ridin AJW’s/SurfCaribes new A-list click for full interview

anBuckNasty… check out this clip from Ergo’s site…
Then check out little buckleys section at the end!!!
Blowin the rest out the water!!!

ROB BROWN!!! Has one heavy MAN Beard! (on his balls)

January 27th, 2009

ZooYork EastCoast Team… chargin hard at crazy Northwest Slab!
(READ full story+photos courtesy

-the NC boys committed! year after year… Earnin theyre spot!
EarlySeason PIPE… GO ROB!!! Jealous + Proud of YA! Keep it UP!
newest ESM Intro… Rob in OBX

2009 SurfExpo Thanks for Comin out!
AJW had a Great show and lots of Support…
photos comin SOON! Check back!


December 22nd, 2008

– Dont let the Economy get U down!!! Come Party!!!


Santa “RobBrown” spotted gettin barrelled in Hawaii…
photo: Mcmullin

-LucasRogers+AJW both got some good coverage in latest Surfing issue.

December 9th, 2008

SurfingMagazine Interview…

-Featured along with top shapers as part of Surfing Mags monthlong surfboard issue w/interviews regarding state of the surfboard industry.

-Please Click image image to view full interview:

ecent coverage…
Check out Surfline’s when GromsAttackNicaragua...

PhilipGould+crew puttin his new AJWs to good use.

…check out “Bucknasty’s” recent doublepage ad.
AJW the photographer? Believe it or not, check out this photo from previous trip to bali. Published in Ergo ad.

Got to give Credit to anyone makin it happen!

November 23rd, 2008

If u havent already please check out
View his work!Nice job bud!Keep UP the motivation!
u always manage to help inspire!

For anyone who may know… Mr. Jerry R. is about a squirrely a character as they get. hehe Im not one to talk, b/c im a little snakey at times too. Anyhow i just want to give props to my sketchy friend Jerr. He has come a long way from renting apts w/ 50old fat women! stay squirrely!