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XXL Awards!

Congrats to Pablo Garcia for his BillabongXXL entry
Riding AJW in PuntaGalea, Spain!

Its a Eurpean TOUR!!!

1st France, NOW Espana, NEXT Portugal!!!! TRUST your board… Best Quality glassing w/ BoardCulture! Limited shapes… place all orders Now!

USA 2011

BEEN a busy year so far… Sorry for no Updates, been focusing on shaping and surfing… heres a few Comp Wins weve racked up this past year! Thx for all the great feedback boys!

Cam Wins Arnette CashPot NSB

Cam Richards NSSA Nationals CHAMP+ Quiks King of the Groms CHAMP

JensenCallway Wins 2011Jamaica W.A.PRO

NICKRUPP DNA Energy Pro Jr. NewSmyrna

Mark Dawson OBXShootout Champ + Steele Peir Clasic Champ

NICK Rupp EastCoast Junior Champ 3x/ Elohe Ali Alvarez ReefJuniorPRO

2011 SURFERmag click4videos


CONGRATS!!! Joaquin Castagnett $5000 1stplace
2010 QuikPRO La Herradura… PERU
Riding his 6’2″ AJW x-series n PUMPIN surf

Peru 2010
:: Klimax shaping room ::

-Sorry 4 slow updates… been a busy spring
(including recent shaping trip to Peru, distr. 50boards through Klimax fabrica)

France 2010

Went to Europe a few months back and shaped 25 AJWs for local rippers + friends in Spain+ Portugal… Heres a quick clip of one of those 6’3 step ups gettn put to good use in France.

rider: Inigo Indigores/ ILLUSION


Yes its a rat race… and yes we attended again this year. However have to say it was overwhelming positive response!!! Even w/the economy!!! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us!

Heck even ShaunThompson checked out our shapes
+gave em the thumbs up approval!
Heres a funny quote+photo we found on ESMs website: “Ladys love shapers: Southern NC AdamWarden of AJW Surfboards is a totally classic character who needs no explanation or introduction. In fact, the only way you can capture him in words is to say he charges in the water, makes damn fine boards, and is a fun-loving guy to boot!”photo: MEZ
Thanks ESM for always the kind words!!!
(ps- i have never seen these girls before? came outa nowhere jumped n the photo?) haha must be the T-shirt???
SurferMagazine’s2010 BoardGuide

Check out AJW featured alongside top shapers in the U.S.


-Lucas gets shacked … cool shot / ESM

been travellin shapin in Portugal…

Lots of updates… comin soon…
N.Y. UnsoundPro Buckleygot 2nd Lucas R. won Airshow…

Heres quick clip of ESM Airshow at King of the Peak…

Congrats! LUCAS also WON!!! riding our new “theAnswer” swallowtail nice job buddy!

SurflineClip…LivinDreamw/BennyB. Apparently Ben came n town picked up new board… in the night (unfortunately, the board is no longer w/us) but he managed to get a few sick clips on her… claims it was a keeper. RIP “all thats left are a few of these random shacks on a white board” great?… haha back to work. Check it out by:NateLee CLICK HERE

PhilipGould WINS ASP Junior PRO /Belmar$2000

Another good showin of AJWs on the beach!
1st place Junior Pro goes to PIP!!!
BalaramStack also rippin an a AJW held solid 5th
As for the Mens PRO Lucas Rogers made the finals and walked away w/a check and equal 5th!
Congrats to all the guys! WAY TO GO PIP!ECSC 09…posterboy+ VIP badges LucasR

-2009 actually had solid waves from tropicalstorm Danny!!!
a few AJWs finalists walkin away with some cash…
PhilipG.- Semis in the PRO men/Projunior
Buckley- Semis in the Projunior
LucasR.- Quarters in the PROmen


Another fun year down at the beach… a few of the top guys
riding AJWs in the contest including: JeremyJohnston, BennyB, BalaramStack, NickRupp, LucasRogers, and local boys MarkYonkers, Jon.Minchner and many more. Congrats to J.J. winning a big fat check in Finals, as well as Benny in the semis. Thanks to everyone ridin AJW boards and helpin push our designs. c’yall next year…
photos courtesy: wblivesurf eastersurf.com

Benny rippin down n Panama…

“still every few months gets a couple” heres one of our newest small wave models. fast=FUN

Few left over clips courtesy of Z.Morton/Superspectacular.
……. …09wildcard for WCTBrazil event.GOBENNY!
“is that same model :: WCTsite???”uh oh…
photocourtesy: Hangeloosepro09